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What's The Idea?

  • Do you have music gathering dust or taking up cabinet space?
  • Maybe you've performed it too many times.
  • Maybe you're not performing any longer.
  • Maybe you have multiple sets of the same music, you bought duplicates.
  • Maybe it's too hard or too easy for you or your ensemble.
  • Maybe you have some awesome out-of-print music that someone else could use.


  • Any Brass Instrument method book - characteristic studies, sight-reading studies, etudes, etc.
  • Any Brass Instrument performance music - solos, duets, with or without accompaniment, etc.
  • Any Brass Instrument orchestral excerpt studies.
  • Any Brass Ensemble music - Quartet, Quintet, Large Brass, etc.
  • Questions about something not listed here, please contact us.

What should you do with all this music?

Send it to us, we'll catalog it, sell it (hopefully), and pay you a percentage.
You recover some file cabinet space; You recover some cash; Someone else gets discounted music.
You can even consider donating your gently-used music.

How does consignment work?

  • We accept only original printed music - No photocopies, scans, or handwritten music.
  • Music must include all the parts, or indicate "score only".
  • Music must be relatively clean, i.e. few or no rehearsal marks and limited/reasonable wear.
  • We will obfuscate your name or organization's name if identification is stamped on the music. If you are consigning music that is identified as property of an entity other than yourself (a school or organization), you must be a person authorized to sell it - such as a professor, librarian, or conductor.
  • After we receive your music, we will add it to our website inventory.

When do you get paid?

When your music sells, you will receive 60% of the net sale (price minus any merchant charges, etc.). We don't purchase your music up front.

How do you get started?

  1. Fill out our New Seller Registration Form to establish an account.
  2. Pack up your music and ship it to us. Click here for Guidelines on Preparing Your Music to Ship to Us.
  3. We'll send you an inventory receipt by e-mail.
  4. We'll add your music to the website.
  5. When your music sells, we pay you 60% of the net sale either by Check or PayPal.


  1. I'm a Composer or Arranger. Can I send you music I have composed/arranged to consign?
    Yes, if the music is professionally printed. We are not a music publisher.
  2. If I purchase music, what happens if I don't like it after I receive it?
    You can consign it, in the same condition. We don't offer refunds or music on approval (trial).
    When inventory is added to the website we try to provide as much detailed information as possible.
  3.  Do you accept music from sellers from countries other than the U.S.?
    Yes, but you must be able to accept PayPal payments.